07 Feb – 08 Feb
Conference: 'John Ruskin: Prophet of the Anthropocene'
John J. Reilly Center, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
13 Feb
Ruskin Seminar: Suzanne Fagence Cooper: Storm Clouds and the Sea of Ice - Ruskin in the Alps
The Ruskin, Lancaster


Dr Suzanne Fagence Cooper (Research Curator, York Art Gallery) will examine the interconnections between Ruskin’s observations of changing Alpine skyscapes and landscapes over 40 years, with his own concerns about personal fragility and decline.


19 Mar
Ruskin Seminar: Fredrik Albritton Jonsson: Ruskin’s Post Carbon Society - Imagining the Future during the Victorian Coal Panic
The Ruskin, Lancaster


Dr Fredrik Albritton Jonsson (Associate Professor of British History, University of Chicago) explores fossil fuels, economic growth, and the relevance of Ruskin’s thinking for understanding the ecological concerns of the late nineteenth century as well as those of our own era.