Please find links below to various lectures on the topic of John Ruskin.

The 9th Annual Ruskin To-Day Brantwood London Lecture was given by Esme Ward, Director of Manchester Museum, in the Benjamin West Lecture Theatre at the Royal Academy, on Friday 20th October 2023.

Please find a copy of the lecture available for download below

The following organisations are among those that promote wider public interest in and study of Ruskin’s ideas:

The Guild of St George

Brantwood Trust

The Ruskin Library and Research Centre

The Ruskin Society

The William Morris Society / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram 

A blog from Dr. Stuart Eagles

Educational resources

Online Resources: The Elements of Drawing, is an online version of Ruskin’s Oxford Teaching Collection – an extensive collection of works of art that he gave to the University that includes many fine examples of Ruskin’s own drawings.

A simple introduction to who Ruskin was can be found on the Brantwood website, along with details of his home.

Other Resources: The following four major collections of Ruskin material all run educational programmes and organise site visits:

The Guild of St George Collection, Sheffield (a teaching collection created by Ruskin)

The Ruskin Library (the world’s largest repository of Ruskin materials)

The Ruskin Museum (both a teaching collection and Ruskin memorabilia)

Brantwood (Ruskin’s former home and estate)

The Ruskin Prize The John Ruskin Prize was inaugurated in 2012 by The Guild of St. George and The Big Draw (formerly The Campaign for Drawing). Organised and delivered by The Big Draw, The Prize aims to uphold Ruskin’s belief that drawing helps us to see the world more clearly.

The Big Draw 

Ruskin Blog

Research and scholarship

Scholarly resources: The Ruskin Library at Lancaster University houses the world’s largest archive of Ruskin’s works and material associated with him.

Useful online resources include:

The associated Ruskin Research Centre runs a dedicated programme of postgraduate Ruskin studies, in addition to an informal weekly seminar. Scholarships are sometimes available for overseas students wishing to pursue research relating to Ruskin at Lancaster University.

A comprehensive biography of Ruskin is available on Wikipedia.

Material relating to Ruskin is widely distributed in public collections both in Britain and North America, most of which offer extensive online catalogue information.  These are listed in the ‘major collections’ section on this site.